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What will you do?

Touch me
Embrace me
Love me
See me
Hear me

My lines I share,
I'm there amid them.
Vulnerable, easily bruised.
Delicate petals, my words.

Go on

But remember,
you hold a piece of me
between your thumb and finger.
So don't abuse my skin, it
will betray your harshness
and others will see.

Yes, you hold a piece of me,
what will you do now?


Akelamalu said...

Your words are just magic, you have a true talent m'deario. x

Charlene said...

missy~~i want to thank you for the nice long post from the other day~~

it's nice to know that i am not alone in living with/caring for parents

up until dad had his kidneys fail and his stroke, i was able to get out quite often~~now mom is under so much stress, i stay around the house to help her as much as i can(my dad refuses to let me help unless mom is gone)
i do get out to run errands, but just don't want to leave mom with everything until dad gets a little better (if possible for him to get better)
thanks for your support and kind words

Charlene said...

i am going to leave you something on my tonight;s post~~it will be up later tonight

Charlene said...

i am glad you liked you award~~and now i have a favor~~i swear they weren't related~~thought of asking for advice and comments late, late last night
i need some advice about some problems that i don't know what to do to come to some kind of solution,
please give me your thoughts on what it the right thing to do with these problems~~i am asking from help from blogastain readers~~the readers i know and others who may have been in similiar situations~~this is a combination of several problems and maybe bloggers have encountered a similair problem to the many that i have.
i have been trying to figure out what is the best and right thing to do for months and i just don't know what to do
so i am appealing to bloggers to give me their thoughts
thank you for any thoughts, suggestions, advice and humour that you can enlighten me with
the post link is here

KB said...

Delicate petals are my words...beautiful x

Mojo said...

Whatever I do, I'll do it gently. That you can count on.

Mona said...

That is a 'sensitive' piece! & those words are magical!

Anonymous said...

Truly touchie feelie. A wonderful squidgy poem.


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