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Linen moments (Acrostic)

Lazy stormy dawning.
Idly lounging
Next to a dripping windowsill.
Eventually someone stirs,
Needing to stretch.

Morning showers
Opening the senses.
Moving between the sheets,
Every nerve tingling;
Needing this reprieve.
Two people,
Savoring linen moments.


KB said...

Very sexy and there I was expecting an acrostic about laundry :)

Anonymous said...

Linen moments - what a lovely expression. Another winner.

Marja said...

Wow that are beautiful linen moments. You are a great poet.
I am leaving light and love hearted now. Have a great day

Strumpet said...

Oh boy, Spinach Friend....

..do I like THIS.

I feel it in every bone.

Hope you're doin' great.

I miss you.

Much love.


Missy said...

Thank you everyone for your comments. I've been remiss in contributing to my poetry blog.

Hi Strumpy baby been missing you kiddo.


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