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Poetry Prompt War (Haiku/couplet poem)

Frightened stone faces
show etchings of lingering
wars, death, fear...sorrow

Friend or foe unknown
too lifeless seekers of death
easily killing

Until there is just
enough life to create a
new generation.

Perhaps they will start over loving peace.
Appreciating brother, sister, niece.


Pen Me A Poem said...

You capture the tragedy of war. The youth cut down and the fading hopes of a generation. The war graves a sad testament to the cold brutality.

Nicely written Melissa. Great entry.

KB said...

wonderful hun xxx

Mona said...

Great poetry! Passions rule our mind. But instead of killing we could make love...

Charlene said...

how do you know to write just what i need to hear??

you have a wonderful talent that is so awesome~

SignGurl said...

Wow! This was powerful. Nicely done!

Rio said...

I agree. Also the rhyme at the end put just the right amount of emphasis on the close.


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