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The hands that molded me
left upon my body impressions,

on my flesh
my heart
my soul.

In many ways I am thankful,
thankful for those hands
which touched me.

At times those hands hurt me;
well I suppose I needed...reminders.
I did remember too, the imprints
made sure of that.

Those hands that touched my heart,
helped to massage life back into it.
When it would have beat it's last
beat, a gentle nudge started its pumping again.

Hands that touched my soul,
they are the ones that left lasting
impressions. In someway, I carry
their marks with me today. Those
hands are the ones who made me
who I am today.

Harsh, nurturing, giving,
directing. Your hands,
are ones that still keep
me grounded, they've
been my anchor in tumultuous seas.

Because of hands...

I am me.


keithsramblings said...

They were clearly very talented hands to have created someone as poetically gifted as you. Another wonderful piece.

Marja said...

Never thought so beautifully about hands. Great piece

Mona said...

Impressions & imprints upon body mind & soul. A wonderful representation Missy!


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