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Paragon of beauty - Evil's puratory

Paragon of beauty - Evils purgatory

Along an ivy covered wall
vines grow freely, giving
substance to the elemental occurrences
of Spring.

Crocus rest along a babbling stream,
where sunlight skims the surface of turquoise
waters, creating gaudy reflections of
jewel toned water droplets.

A Kismet
for the gentle soul


An electrical shock for the evil traveler,
the one who harbors virulent needs for darker things.

Either can be experienced;


vindication comes for one.
The other twists with
self imposed spasms of disgust
yelping foul play.


Marja said...

Brilliant "creating reflections of jewel toned water droplets" heavenly
I absolutely love this poem

KB said...

This is fantastic. You get better and better my friend x


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