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Yes, I have dreams.

Dreams hungering and thirsting,
truly seeking fulfillment.
Often they leave me gasping,
gasping for air in the night.

Sleep isn't the only place dreams huddle.

Sometimes they linger at the edge of my consciousness.
Seeking opportunities to expose my inabilities,
not allowing me to achieve even the simplest of fancies.
Cruel reminders of inadequacies perhaps.

I've allowed them to plant misery
deep within the chasms of my mind.
Letting them snuff out life gradually,
so slyly, so masterfully, until only an ember remains.

"These passions of dreams my friends, what have they wrought?"


keithsramblings said...

The line between dreams and reality can become blurred a times. So often dreams become nightmares and eat away at your sub-concious

KB said...

Ahhh I love to dream, I would be lost without my dreams.

Marja said...

Very good dreamer of dreams. Your dreams will come true Just believe in them.

Steve said...

many a time we give up on our dreams because it becomes all to hard.
We do not see what we can not touch.
Yet to some it is real and in time will come true.....

Time will tell Doubt will make it all fade to grey/gray


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