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Do not ridicule my pen

Do not ridicule my pen,
its journey is its strength.
The roads traveled may vary,
but quills passion comes from scars
obtained within the very soul of this poet.

To ridicule my pen, is to
curse the ink within. Not needing
your approval to journey down the page,
yet unprejudiced eyes are welcomed.

How could one ridicule my pen,
unless they had walked the miles
this pen traveled? Stupid
people mock what they don't
know or experience.

Unless you read with unbiased
eyes and an open soul, keep your
ridicule bridled less your inkwell
dries up and leaves you without a tongue.


Anonymous said...

This is SO good. I particularly like the last few lines which leave me speechless!

Rebicmel said...

Keith - :) but you didn't ridicule my pen though! Thanks ((hug))


You are truely unbelievable, its incredible where you get your ideas from. checkout mine on scars
Thanks missy

Marja said...

How can anybody ridicule your pen Missy. You poetry has so much deepness and beauty

Ashraf said...

WOW. That was quite a thought.

KB said...

You still use a pen? hehe


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