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As you grow

Swaddled in a blanket,
held tenderly to my chest,
warm sweet smell of milk
upon your breath.
Pulling yourself up slowly,
a smile on your lips,
captured in the moment,
pure innocent bliss.
Time passes quickly,
to soon you'll stand alone,
letting loose the hand now
one step, two, off you go.
School bell is ringing,
you turn and wave goodbye.
My heart is breaking,
you spread your wings to fly.
My son I love you dearly,
let loose the strings that bind.
The path of life uncertain
is yours to define.


KB said...

He's certainly lucky to have a wonderful Mum x Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful heartfelt words. Isn't he lucky!


Motherly love, you cant beat it.
But you cannot tell our kids that usually when it is too late.
Another beautiful poem.

Oh, I just started another blogg.
Come and visit Missy.
Thanks Eileen

G-Man said...

You are the most talented woman that I know..Your words are always absolutely beautiful...Galen xox

Marja said...

wow I feel like warm fuzzy cotton wool. What a magnificent poem


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