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His chair

It's not much to look at,
banged up and threadbare.
A tribute to your past;
it remains as is.

You sat here often, stoking your pipe.
If one looks hard enough, they can see
the residue of fallen tobacco within the
folds of torn fabric.

Children's laughter resonates
from that side of the room.
Echo's from where you sat holding us.
Those memories remain.

A man of habit;
no other place would you sit, but
there on your chair.

Years come and go;
you've long passed.
You chair still remains,
in that corner, where you sat.



Hi Missy, I wondered where u had gone I went to missys place and it had gone so went to helium to find you. Now I got you.
How come you not show up on facebook I added you as friend but you have disappeared from their too. Or did you delete me...oh well take care.
I love your ponderings. they are really great.

KB said...

Thought provoking as always. I am going to vote, if I can find where to.

Rambling Prose said...

Hello Missy! Just stopping by to see how things are coming along. Your blog is coming along quite nicely!


Marja said...

You are so able to creat an atmosphere that I feel I was there.

Marja said...

How are you BTW

keih hillman said...

What a lovely poem. It was if he was still sitting there.

Rebicmel said...

Hey y'all thanks so much for commenting. As most of you know I have been busy with Helium, Nirvanasgate and trying to maintain my own blog. I so appreciate your coming by and commenting on my poetry blog it means alot!!

Ashraf said...

My first visit to ur blog. Nice work there.


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