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What did you expect?

I laugh to think
it was

My arms were prolonged so long,
you scoffed at my apparent affection.
Now you want me to see beyond your obvious blunders;
give absolution to your explanation.


Is it okay for you to stumble
and wear stupidity as a piece
of clothing? Am I to brush
it aside as if I didn't notice?

The only reason you circulate
to me now is because you have nullity.

Are you conceited to think
I would come to you in your time of need?

How predictable of you!

However, I will not slam the door
in your face. I will keep the chain
on to keep you at bay.
You are not permitted entrance.

What did you expect?


keith hillman said...

You can be quite scary! Certainly put him in his place!

Strumpet said...

This is amazing shit you've got here, Ms. Missy.

I'm sure it comes from a very personal place in your life, but the way that you've written it, one is still able to feel YOUR emotion, but also relate their own emotion to it because we identify with the situation perhaps as something comparable in our own life.

Cos I FOR SURE know what it made ME think of! And I'm also quite sure I'm not the only one who can empathize with the feelings in which you so strongly and wonderfully bring to the surface here.


Marja said...

tough words well said. wear stupidity as a kind of clothing Loved that one Go girl

Little Wing said...

Oh I can so relate to this one Missy.
Sometimes they are just so predictable it insults our intelligence.


how do you do it? You always surprise us with something better


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