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When is it ever good
to hear about "the abuse of power",
or listen to hypocritical speeches
running with contaminated

Did you think it would lessen
famine and poverty once you
kissed the babies sunken cheeks?

Your victims cry out
as they're forced to bend
and kiss your feet which
now rest in the pungent morass
of your lies.

Skeletal beings whose shadows
can not hide your sumptuous
feast and palatial palace.


Mona said...

Those are some very powerful words Missy!
Coming from the most corrupt nation in the world I know what it is all about.

I love the craftmanship and the way you use words here. Specially the second stanza.

But as a whole, the piece is awe inspiring and beautifully done!

You are a great poet!

KB said...

Yeah, I found you. Wonderful, thought provoking poem.


Strumpet said...


This is making me think about some of my own issues.

Intense, Missy.

Probably too intense for me.

At least not in the state I am currently in.

I should come back and read when I am not feeling so down and flustered and angry at myself.

But, I did want to come say hello and couldn't get to your other blog.

Marja said...

That is very clever wordplay. Very amazing and powerful

Strumpet said...

You always send the cutest little e-mails.

Hope you are well, sexy mama.

Not yet!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, the sun will come out...tomorrow...

Strumpet said...

I TOLD you today would be the day!

Only cos I FINALLY went and pestered them because there was no card in my box saying that a package had arrived for me. There is usually a card in my box when I have a package waiting for me, but it has happened once before, so I checked and violah...I can never remember how to spell violah. So, you can just pretend that it's spelled correctly.

Anyway, I have already poured my heart out to you over on my blog in response to your last comment because I had just finished up opening everything when I got that comment.

And you will be receiving an e-mail from me as well.

Everything was so great, Missy.

I cannot express my gratitude enough to you.


I'm excited about my coupon for healthy crackers, cos I seriously need some major portions of whole grains in my life right now.


And the smell of the lotion to help me sleep is simply the BOOOOOMB, girlfriend. If that doesn't do it, nuthin' will! HAH!!

Seriously, everything was so very lovely....

....and I think I'ma be fixing myself a spot of tea very, very shortly.

Tazo Zen is the shizznet and it's good for me green tea which my body is seriously jonesin' for in major ways.

You rock so mega-hard, Missy, My Spinach Friend and I love ya.

Keep warm and have fun and stay cool and you rock and you are awesome and beautiful and kind and you ....


...simply take my breath away.

So wondrous you are, so very, very much so.


Thank you.

Strumpet said...

I sent you out a postcard on Saturday, so be on the look-out.

I bought a can of Popeye brand spinach that day too.


And when I eat it, I will think of YOU!

My nails and toes are now both REALLY RED.

Thank you, baby.


KB said...

Oh, I love the book piccie BTW x

Strumpet said...

I didn't get a chance to go to the Post Office yesterday, but I shall travel there today to see if it's there!

Hope you are well, Spin-licious.



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