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I stood at the gate enchanted
by scenes that lay before me.
My feeble attempts at taking
it all in unsuccessful.

I find traces of myself here
lost among the falling of leaves.
They dance towards some destination,
what I don't know.

The intense beauty of it all
is so breathtaking.
The hustle and bustle of
pre-winter activities taking place.

Is my assertion of joy so strong
that it could be compared to
giving communion at mass on
a Sunday morning?

Riding the crest of Fall's beauty,
I let out inaudible sighs that
if they were heard would make even
nature blush at the intensity of it all.

Am I being to pretentious?
No amount of silence can
truly hush my excitement,
for this season.

Proud and brawny trees
lay bare their naked structure
to Winters coming coldness.
How they will thirst for Spring.

Lost here amid nature and self,
my mind's eye reflects on
warming fires and hot chocolate,
families gathered around the hearth.

So sweetly divine I don't feel
the first snowflakes landing upon
my eyelashes, until the gate groans
with the heaviness of it all.

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