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Renewal : Earth

For months now I have been in quiet slumber,
resting my weary body from the beating it has
taken these past months.

So much of what I do takes a toll on me.
Some don't appreciate all that I am. I
try to keep you from harms way and to shelter
you from the harsh realities you bring so
thoughtlessly upon yourself and me.

Every few months I reinvent myself to give
you a change of pace, hoping you will for a moment
stop and realize what beauty around you
I give so freely.

I never remain the same, each of you take
from me and drain me of my resources.
My abilities to regenerate and create
for one and all a place of peace and plenty,
wanes at times.

Yet, after a quiet sleep from the cold and bitter
winds, I try to bring forth once again a renewal
of who I am and what I give.


Beloved Dreamer said...

Your poem/prose on renewal is striking and revealing. Read along with your Thursday post, I am moved by your beautiful/ugly images. I do not know you well but your talent is awesome! Well done my friend.....


Little Wing said...

This is so true for us all, so easy to relate.
Your images tell the story.
You are a great writer!

J Morgetron said...

You know how I feel about this one.



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