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I have a plethora of thoughts
as to why the rich man
drinks for free.

I wonder if he was to
matriculate with a group
of self-appointed men
whose conceit is like
a point of a needle
that jabs an infected blister?

Does he consider those less
wealthy to be of insignificance?
Placated with his thoughts
and comatose observations,
he gleefully thrust out his chest
with a silly grin, like a child
overdosed on powder candy.

Yet, his right-handed
opinionated ideas go through
a mutation, as if it was
a piece of lignite.

His Abrasive voice like
saw-grass rips apart others
and carelessly tosses their visions
and hopes aside emptying them
like water upon the ground.

I think to myself,
Who is this idiot inside of me?
I make no move to voice
my silent words of loathing.

The rich man again content
to fill his gullet with
preconceived ideas continues
to drink for free.

Now my metal clad box is
tired and rusted from tears
falling for the down trodden.


Ms. Place said...

Beautifully said; and so true.

Rebicmel said...

Thank you Ms. For stopping by. This is really my true passion and that is poetry.

MONA said...

It is indeed sad, The poor heroes go unsung while the rich get more than their share.Power of money.

keith hillman said...

Well here I am! I can't understand why I've known you so long yet I've never been here before.

I struggle with free verse. It always seems to me that if you were to join the lines together and make them into sentences, it would become prose.

Having said that, the sentiment expressed in your piece rings so true. I have to admit I liked it!

ArtfulSub said...

I don't really get poetry except dirty limericks. But I liked this one on an intuitive level.

Lady Roxanne said...

screw the man!

J Morgetron said...

Why do the rich drink for free, both literally and metaphorically? It seems backasswards, doesn't it?

AW! The injustice!


Top cat said...

Very nice and ain't it the truth.


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