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That Sigh

How can a sigh mean so much
and set a heart on fire?
Maybe it's the way you tilt
your head when it's let loose.
Maybe it's the way your eyes sparkle
knowing what it does to me.

How can a kiss sear my lips
branding them to yours,
tasting life's passion
resting upon the moment?
I gentle bite that smile,
you knew I would.

How can a man's hand, calloused,
stroke a woman's passion so
softly as if a feathered plume?

You keep that secret guarded,
using it against me again and again.

In the throes of passion
riding the screams of sated needs,
how can a man flame the need for more?

Is it magic?

How can you hold me by that sigh?
That sigh which makes me want
to reach out and lose myself in
the depths of your soul.

How does a man do that?

1 comment:

Ambre said...

I love this one! It's at the top of my list thus far!!


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