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Teenage Uncertainty

Silhouettes of hollow teenagers,
scattered and wandering
as if in a Lithium trance.
Believing themselves immortal,
viewing death with indifference.

Rash ingratitude.
Almost catastrophic feelings
of unwanted parental guidance.
Feeling betrayed by the world's response
to their cold and selfish demands for me first ism's.

Moody miserable waifs,
seeking growth,
yielding to the hormonal traits
of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Trying to define their individuality
without the perimeters of preselected
and ingrained rituals for teenage life.
Society holds its breath, watching, waiting.

Will you succeed or become victims
to your presumed I know it all attitudes?

We hope and pray you make it
through these land mines of youth,
and grow into something
that will make our world great.


Little Wing said...

What a wonderful and moving piece, you said it all.

Marja said...

You captured every single aspect exactly as it is in beautiful words. Great insight great poem.


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