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Something Happened

The sun shone today,
can't say I felt it.
I knew it did as
I saw its shadows pass.
For how long I sat there
I don't remember,
but I sat alone for some time.
Silent while the sun shone today.
I don't remember the shadows
as alone I sat, quiet.
I think I might have sighed.
Did I?
There in that room
while the sun shone
something happened,
I knew it did as the shadows passed by.
What is this force,
invisible shackles of regret,
What was it, there in that room?
Silent tears
screaming for help,
as the shadows of the sun
passed by!
I sat there today
imprisoned by uncertainty.
I know I did,
the sun never lies.


keith hillman said...

Your writing puts mine in the shade! Beautiful.

Rebicmel said...

Keith, thank you so much for that. This one came from some sad place within lol......at times it sneaks out... I always value your comments.

MONA said...

Shadows of the sun...such a wonderful paradox!

I like the flow in your poetry, the words are so beautifully stringed together!

Rebicmel said...

Keith - Thank you so much for reading

Mona - you a great poetess, whose ablilities to compose prose and poetry, thank you for your comments.

KB said...

Aww hun your poetry always touches me

Little Wing said...

Ahhh that sad place within that we all visit sometimes.
I felt your sadness....it spoke to me.

Marja said...

I realy love this one very much. It is very powerful and touching.


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