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Ambivalent blood stained fears
fueled like a fire within
the walls of a fireplace

For years laid dormant,
peaceful, almost serene
like lullaby dreams.

His presence now provokes
memories of innocence lost,
freedoms denied.

Heaven itself clearly
applauded your courageous fortitude.
Your hard won victories marred
by the marks upon your once young soul.

dangerous flamboyant attitudes
displayed by your aggressor who
portrayed those moments as
playful aggressions.

He tried so hard to induce
you into a sweet candy coma.
Feeding your then childish
likes with suckers and gum.

Silent pain now
clouds your eyes as
liquid tears fall for
that tortured child so long ago.

You were
broken and battered.
Yet you survived.

Now he seeks your permission
to be released from his hellish prison
of memories.

Standing tall, no fear in your eyes
you touch those hand that once
left marks upon your body and
in that moment your soul heals
and his dies.


Brian said...

As a fellow survivor, your poem is very telling. The ending shows the power that we can take back. It doesn't change the past, but the future can be yours once more.

KB said...

I hear you girl


Rebicmel said...

Thank you both for commenting. I appreciate that.


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