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Philosophical Beliefs

I wonder if Plato or Socrates
would change their philosophies
of our world today? Would they cast
their biased diatribes with heated
displays of disgust at humanity?

Would they bandy about
myopic sarcasm dripping
with non-conformist attitudes
or would they main-stream their
conclusions to suit our generations
opinionated ideologies?

These renowned philosophers of old
forming a world with platitudes,
acting as if they hold the secrets
to the universe. Maybe they did
and we refused to see their vision.

Would Socrates die in vain because
he challenged moral beliefs?
Plato trained in metaphysics,
dreaming of Utopia controlled by philosophers,
is it so hard to believe this could happen?

These men molded and driven,
as if they were created by the wind and
finely grains of strewn sand.
Creating a belief that many embrace today.
Is this lost to a world driven by a conjoined
voice, or can we still hear an individual
voice speaking from within the whole?


Ambre said...

All I'll say to this one is Um, Er, What did you say?


Rebicmel said...

lol yeah I was shocked this one came out of me!!!!!!! lol


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