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Nature or Hair (Whose fault for the holes in the ozone?)

I often wonder about long hair,
can rodents really make a nest in there,
leaving behind their ticks and fleas
a need to parlay with raid, win, succeed?
Would this really affect the ozone
as from the hair these fumes did roam,
and nature while roosting in the depths
of bounteous hair dies and more so pollutes our air?
It's natures fault the raid was sprayed
and not the hair from which the fumes came,
so blame the holes in the air not on the hair,
but that darn rat who roosted in there.


Ambre said...

I suddenly feel the need for a hair cut!!

When did you come uP with this?

It's hilarious!!

Rebicmel said...

Ambre this was a poem in response to a question posed.


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