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Moonlit Tropics: Co-written with William Burkholder

Starry nights with loved ones shared
visions of boats on harbors sail
moonbeams streaked with tattered lace
blows in wind soft grace
wrapped up in a blankets fold
all of nighttimes magic behold

resting terns in harbor light
greeting the grace that comes with night
Loons call rising on inland swale
Bidding come the weary sail
Flapping quietly in dusky breeze
The sunset dying behind the trees

White sand fantasies easily steam
in moonlight walks by silver streams
Hand in hand we make our way
nighttime calls have their say
Smells of nectar heaven sent
leave me wrapped in fruity scents

And you and I in the recompense
Walk the moonlit way
to commune with surf and solitude
finding serenities quay.


Ambre said...

This is BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE it!!

hotcockle said...

sounds nicer the more I read it...Bushy

Rebicmel said...

Ambre - Thanks hun this one was fun

Bushy - coming from a published poet I am honored.


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