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Haiku's hold the praise
For the writer with the skills
To entice the mind


Knotty Pine

Twisted Knotty Pine
Nature played a joke on you
Limbs entwined always


Lily Pad

On the Lily pad
Resides a foolish small toad
Toad leaves gets eaten


This Day

This day we unite
Our promises forever
Heaven witnessed vows


Captain Hook

Peter taunted him
Hook responded hateful glee
Croc munched on Hook's hand


Mother Earth

Protective spirit
Gently wiping your soft brow
She Caresses you


Wild Flowers

Indian Blankets
Covering nature's landscape
Sunshines warm caress


Little Wing said...

Beautiful Haiku!
Not the easiest poetry to write, but you breezed thru these!
I love them all. Haiku has always reminded me of the wisdom of the old sages!

Marja said...

Wow amazing. It is warm, beautiful and with a cheeky touch "Munched on crook's hand. Just like you are.

J Morgetron said...

While some say form poems stifle creativity, I say it can force creativity! It makes you economize your language.

You have proven my theory nicely.

Thanks Missy!


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