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Should I senryu

The description of  ‘Journey’, used as a verb (travel somewhere), describes an Odyssey I had been on three years ago. I had traveled a poetic journey-woman’s year of enlightenment regarding senryu. During that year I literally asked myself, a number of times, “Do I continue”?

The evidence to that question lies within the pages of Pieces Of Her Mind:Women Find Their Voices in Centuries-Old Forms. Do I (to this very day) completely understand and know all there is to know about senryu. No, but I am a senryu’r in progress. What I have also learned is that I enjoy these miniature, sarcastic and ironic Japanese short forms.

It’s funny, even in an ironic way, I once thought I was a dyed-in-the wool ‘Free Verse’ fanatic. Occasionally, I stepped outside of ‘Free Verse’ and dabbled into other types of poetry, even throwing in (what I considered) a well-penned haiku/senryu into my repertoire of poetic writings. Their form being, in what I considered, a “True” 5/7/5 fashion. *Cough* *Gasp*

Oh, my, my, my, I was blind by my own lack of knowledge regarding this short form poetry. Hopefully, as I’ve continued on in growing and learning about senryu, my poetic eyesight continues to improve regarding them.

These tiny, tasty morsels are dipped in satire, irony, humor and even bawdiness. They have become my sweet addiction. I eat senryu, I breath senyru and I dream senryu. Perhaps there should be a ‘Senryu Anonymous’ for writers addicted to this form of poetry?

I was thinking about how senryu sarcasm reminds me of Jackie Gleason and Roseanne Barr. Both packed such verbal punches (in so few words) that they left behind vivid images of themselves, as comedians. Even to this day many remember their humor. Is this a proper comparison? Perhaps not, but it draws a mental image in your mind regarding senryu and the attitude it should have and create.

Shoot, I just realized I’m taking you the long way around this story of mine, regarding if I should senryu (which we now know I did). My reply to this is that I am from Oklahoma, folks. We enjoy talking and the process of, but we eventually get to the point. 

The point is this…there is so much more to this fun form than slapping seventeen syllables or less together and calling it senryu. It requires finesse, thought and a willingness to take it there.

Okay, so sarcasm, I’m covered. Irony, that’s an everyday experience. Bawdy…oh ‘I can’ take it there if need be and humor, I wear it like a cologne. Regarding syllables, I’m still learning how to get to the meat of the senryu in seventeen or less. I can honestly say, however, I love senryu. Senryu has left quite the impression in my mind and heart. I want to do it right, the way it’s suppose to be experienced. I want to sink my pen into its origins (where it all began) so that means study, practice, repeat.

Will I ever learn all there is to know or become a renowned senryu’r? No, but it will be fun trying. I am so glad I accepted the invitation to be part of ‘Pieces of Her Mind’

If you would like to obtain your own copy of Pieces of Her Mind follow this link.


Stolen moments

 Artwork: Google, Free to use publicly and commercially
I love
stolen moments-
those quiet unhurried breaths,
the day consumes
our attention at times
I catch a moment of
your laughter's escape-
your skin's cologne
I carry an imprint
of your lips,
on flesh - its madness
The clock ticks a tock
of staccato beats,
heavy upon lids
Brow arches its seduction
These moments - our escape


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